Article No. M5 003 10 / 11

Made of high-strength aluminium, corrosion protected by anodize,
Set of 2 pieces including mounting material

Spacer 10mm
(Enlarged track 20mm per axle)
Article No.: M5 003 10

Spacer 15mm
(Enlarged track 30mm per axle)
Article No.: M5 003 11 ??

NOVITEC highlights the high-performance character of the Italian 4×4 with a particularly powerful variant of the twin-turbo V-6 gasoline engine rated at 363 kW / 494 HP and producing a peak torque of 660 Nm. Further NOVITEC upgrades for the Maserati SUV are naked carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components with sporty-elegant styling, 22-inch king-sized wheels, a ride-height lowering module for the suspension, active sound tuning for the diesel, and exclusive options for the interior.


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