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Article no. L6 222 32

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The new Lamborghini Hurac?n EVO RWD with rear-wheel drive is about 33 kilograms lighter than is its brethren with four driven wheels. What is more, the weight distribution and chassis have also been systematically geared towards ultra-sporty handling, making it ideal for some quick laps on the racetrack. NOVITEC offers an extensive range of sporty accessories for owners of the RWD looking to give their two-seater even more thrilling looks and upgrade the handling even further. Tailor-made NOVITEC naked-carbon components can make the appearance more spectacular and the aerodynamics more efficient. Hi-tech forged wheels with diameters of 20 and 21 inches, designed in cooperation with Vossen, replace the 19-inch production rims. Fine-tuning of the suspension is possible with sports springs or the NOVITEC coilover suspension with adjustable ride height and damping. A throaty exhaust note and optimized performance of the V10 powerplant are the hallmarks of the NOVITEC high-performance exhaust systems. They are available made from different materials, culminating in the super-lightweight INCONEL. For improved heat dissipation, they can optionally also be fitted with 999 fine gold plating.


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