Article No. C4 720 65 / 75 / 85

9,0J x 20J with 255/30 R20 for front axle
12,0J x 21J with 325/25 R21 for rear axle

Customers Option Color from the solid colors range
Article no.: C4 720 65

Customers Option Color from the transparent colors range, brushed
Article no.: C4 720 75

Customers Option Color from the transparent colors range, polished
Article no.: C4 720 85

NOVITEC N-LARGO: That is the label under which German luxury car refinement specialist NOVITEC presents a spectacular super sports car based on the McLaren 720S. The edition is limited to just 15 vehicles worldwide. Visually, the two-seater captivates with its spectacular widebody version made from carbon, which received its finishing touches in the wind tunnel. Hi-tech forged wheels tailor-made for this car put even further emphasis on the wedge shape with their staggered combination of 20 and 21-inch wheels. The NOVITEC N-LARGO is powered by the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, whose output was increased to 592 kW / 806 hp. It produces a peak torque of 878 Nm. This powerplant catapults the mid-engine racer from rest to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds, shattering the 200-km/h mark after just 7.5 seconds. The top speed increases to 346 km/h.


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