Article No. L1 111 80 / 99

To use with NOVITEC sport metal catalysts or NOVITEC cat replacement pipes to avoid error indications from the catalysts

Together with a NOVITEC exhaust system
Article no. L1 111 80

Without NOVITEC catalysts or cat-replacement pipes
Article no. L1 111 99

Its successor is already in the starting blocks, but NOVITEC bids the Lamborghini Aventador farewell with a very special variant of the mid-engine V12 sports car. The German automotive refinement specialist gave the LP 780-4 Ultimae a sophisticated upgrade. The custom NOVITEC carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components were precisely tailored to the active aerodynamics of the two-seater in the wind tunnel and make the final edition of the Aventador Coupe or Roadster even more exhilarating. The 20-inch and 21-inch NL4 centerlock forged wheels, exclusively developed and produced for NOVITEC by Vossen, are particularly light and emphasize the wedge shape of the sports car to boot. NOVITEC sports springs make the handling of the car further agile still. The NOVITEC sports exhaust systems for the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae optimize the vehicle?s sound and performance. What is more: they also save up to 19 kilograms in weight depending on the version. Lamborghini owners wishing for an even more exclusive interior can have NOVITEC tailor their coupe or roadster to their personal preferences in every detail.


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