Article No. F1 458 25

To use with NOVITEC- and original exhaust system (-4 kg), 100 Zeller sport metal catalysts with reduced exhaust back pressure
Article no. F1 458 25

Haute Couture at the highest performance level: NOVITEC not only tailors a thrilling designer suit made from lightweight clear-coated carbon fiber for the Ferrari 458 Spider. Superlight forged wheels in a unique staggered 21- and 22- inch combination together with a sophisticated suspension system featuring hydraulic ride-height adjustment make the drop-top sports car even more dynamic. In addition, there is a power increase to 609 hp / 448 kW and an equally lightweight high-performance exhaust system with sound management by means of a butterfly valve. Further custom details such as black lamps or interiors custom-tailored to the owner?s individual preferences substantiate NOVITEC?s leading global position in tuning and refining the sports cars from Maranello.


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