Article No. C1 999 80 / 99

To use with NOVITEC sport metal catalysts or NOVITEC cat replacement pipes to avoid?error indications from the exhaust system?

In combination with order of a NOVITEC exhaust system
Article no. C1 999 80

Individual order without ?NOVITEC sport metal catalysts or catalyst-replacement pipes
Article no. C1 999 99

For decades, NOVITEC has been refining the world?s most exclusive automobiles. With the select customization range for the McLaren Elva, which is built in a limited edition of just 149 vehicles, NOVITEC now once again demonstrates its top position in the realm of high-end automotive refinement. The British hyper-roadster without windshield and roof is powered by a four-liter, eight-cylinder, twin-turbo engine, which with NOVITEC engine tuning produces an output increased to 919 horsepower and delivers an uprated peak torque of 888 Nm. This results in phenomenal acceleration figures and a top speed of morethan 330 km/h. NOVITEC also developed a precision-tuned, tailor-made handling package for the two-seater that features hi-tech 20-inch and 21-inch forged wheels and sport springs, which give the mid-engined sports car more thrilling looks and make the handling even more agile.


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